Deepend & Joe Killington - Could Be Love (Official Music Video)

17 Aug 2018

Dutch deep house act Deepend is back on Spinnin' Records with brand new single 'Could Be Love', an upbeat piece of vocal house written together with UK singer-songwriter Joe Killington.

Dutch  DJ  Deependis  synonymous  withpositive  vibes,  keepingdance  floors  fulland  dance fans  enthusiastic.  Ledby  Falco  vanden  Aker,  Deependensures  its  creationsrise  above the dance  music  poolby  creating  asignature  sound. His  liveshows  do  not disappoint  either,mesmerizing  crowds  fromUshuaïa  and  Pachain  Ibiza,  Tomorrowlandand  Sziget,  tonailing  a  10-showsupporting  tour  withDavid  Guetta  throughoutEurope.

This led to several popular bootlegs and releases on labels like Ultra, Armada and of course Pias, where Deepend released 2015's breakthrough hit, the remix of 'Catch & Release' by Matt Simons.

Safe to say, this record made it to worldwide acclaim, charting  at  #1across  Belgium,  Germany,Portugal,  Spain  andFrance, and by now reaching over 207 million Spotify plays, while the video has been streamed over 45 million times. So yeah, a sure shot remix, catapulting the Dutch act to infinite stardom.

Returning to form in 2017, Deepend followed this up with a series of festival hits, including the Sam Feldt collab 'Runaways' and last year's gem 'Waiting For The Summer'. Following remixes for the likes of James Blunt, Robin Schulz and JP Cooper, a new collab with Janieck emerged earlier this year in the form of hit single 'To Rome', followed by the recent festival favorite 'Woke Up In Bangkok, together with Younotus and Martin Gallop.

'Could Be Love'
And now, Deepend returns to the Spinnin' label with the highly anticipated new single 'Could Be Love'. Working together with UK singer-songwriter Joe Killington, it's in essence a touching song, enhanced by the uplifting Deepend sound, featuring a highly infectious chorus, unforgettable melody and singalong vocal lines. For sure, it's a record made for peaktime festival moments as well as extensive radio play - innovative as well as vintage Deepend.

"2018 has proven to be an exciting year for me; a fresh step forward musically, but also a new chapter in my career in regards to performing solo and seizing new opportunities. 'Could Be Love' resembles that fresh feeling perfectly, it's a record that underlines the new vibe Deepend is currently in. Good to hear the first responses are positive, and I’ve been playing the song during my summer tour and really happy to see that the crowd started to sing along with the chorus after the first time hearing it.That's always a good sign!"            - Falco van den Aker aka Deepend